Boundary Noise Report / Monitoring


Legal Requirement

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The noise emitted from any building (Factory Premises) shall be measured to ensure the compliance with the Environmental Protection and Management (Boundary Noise Limits for Factory Premises) Regulations. The buildings needed to measure the noise levels emitted from their premises at the boundary of their premises.

Which building / contractor needed this service?

The buildings need to measure boundary noise levels (noise emitted by their machineries) by their premises are as follows

  •   Factory owner
  •   Occupier of any building
  •   Occupier of part of the building
  •   Building owner
  •   Or any other premises as instructed by Director General of National Environment Agency such as Construction Site

Procedure for noise measurement

General procedure is to measure the noise level in the boundary of the premises to be measured at regular intervals (say 5 meter to 10 meter once) and identify the location where the maximum noise is being observed. On identifying the maximum noise exposed location, we need to fix the sound level meter for 24 hours to monitor the noise observed at that point for one whole day.

Type of affected premises Boundary noise limit in decibels dB(A)(reckoned as the equivalent continuous noise level over 5 minutes)
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
11:00 PM to 7:00 AM
Noise Sensitive Premises such as recreational area, nature park, hospital, home for the aged sick, educational institution, place of worship, library and court of law 65 60 55
Residential Premises 70 65 60
Commercial premises 75 70 65
Factory premises 75 70 65

The above boundary noise limit set by National Environmental Agency (NEA) is subject to adjustment correction factor based on the difference between the measured noise levels and the background noise level..

Background noise correction factor

Difference between 2 noise levels in decibels dB(A) Correction factor in decibels dB(A)
Below 2 3
2 to less than 4 2
4 to less than 10 1
10 and above 0

On obtaining all the noise levels, a report shall be prepared and kept documented by the occupier as in ready condition for to present to the Authorities in case of any clarifications required.

If on any particular instruction from the Director General of National Environment Agency, the officer in-charge from National Environment Agency may instruct the occupier on specific method of the measurement, day of measurement, time of measurement and duration of measurement. In that case Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd shall perform the noise measurement at the occupier premises and prepare the Boundary Noise Measurement Report for submission to the Authority.

Type of Noise Meter

As per National Environmental Agency (NEA) guideline the sound level meter used for this measurement shall complies with the standards specified in the International Electrotechnical Commission Publication 651 (Type 1) and Publication 804 (Type 1), or any other comparable standards.

Note: All class 1 sound level meter in the market of Singapore shall not comply with the above requirement. Please contact Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd to seek professional advice on such technical service.

We in Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd shall assist the client in the following

Option A

Purchase of class 1 sound level meter in compliance with the requirement stipulated by National Environmental Agency (NEA). Please contact us for further details

Option B

We render our professional service start from measuring the boundary noise measurement and preparation of boundary noise report preparing the noise assessment report in line with Environmental Protection and Management (Boundary Noise Limits for Factory Premises) Regulations. And if in case of National Environmental Agency (NEA) need further clarifications in the submitted report; we shall extend our service without any additional charges. Contact us for further details.