Calibration of Microphone


Product Description

AIMPL provides Calibration of Microphone, Boundary Noise Monitoring, Sound Monitoring, Mom Noise Monitoring, NEA Noise Monitoring, Air Conditioner Noise Monitoring, Sound Measurement, Sound Level Meter, Noise Measurement and Noise Monitoring Services in Singapore. .

This service is to test the functional accuracy of the microphone (Sound Level Meter, Dosimetry) using a lab standard calibrator.

Who need this service?

Any company / individual using the sound level meter or dosimetry shall need to ensure the microphone is calibrated on regular basis (yearly once). So invariable of the industry or individual that holds the sound level meter, it is mandatory to calibrate the microphone (Sound Level Meter, Dosimetry) by a local testing laboratory.

Note: Any microphone fitted equipment shall be calibrated on regular basis (yearly once) as per Singapore Legal requirements.

What included in this service?

  •   Verification of the microphone (sound level meter, dosimetry) is in line with Singapore Legal requirement
  •   A calibration check report
  •   A calibration test certificate which is valid for one year

What Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd can do?

We Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd, shall do two type of microphone (sound level meter, dosimetry) calibration

Onsite calibration:

Our calibration technician shall visit the client place and perform the onsite calibration. Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd's calibration technician shall visit onsite, collect the sound level meter, dosimetry or any instrument fitted with the microphone and perform the calibration. Later part our office shall issue the calibration certificate to the client which is valid for one year from the date of calibration.

Lab calibration:

Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd shall collect the equipment that needs to be calibrated from the client at the client place or client shall send the equipment to Asia (I) Monitoring Pte Ltd's laboratory. On receiving the equipment our calibration technician shall perform the calibration check within 2 working days and return the equipment to our client along the calibration check report and calibration test certificate which is valid for one year from the date of issue.

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