Noise Report Clarification


Product Description

AIMPL provides Noise Report Clarification in Singapore. Any new building on completion of the mechanical installation shall measure the noise levels emitted by the equipment (air conditioning equipment or any other mechanical ventilation) installed within their premises and to ensure they are in compliance with the legal allowable noise limits as stipulated by National Environmental Agency (NEA) in their guideline.

Such Noise assessment clarification report measured by competent personnel (Noise Monitoring Officer) shall be submitted online by the Architect through online submission to National Environmental Agency (NEA) and it is one of the mandatory documents for TOP application (Temporary Occupation Permit).

This Noise assessment clarification report is also mandatory for any existing building that perform addition and alteration works (A & A Works) to their existing structures / equipment.

The guideline for such measurement of equipment noise is developed by National Environmental Agency (NEA) in consultation with consultation with the Singapore Institute of Architects, Institute of Engineers Singapore and the Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore.

Note: Generally the contractors engage Asia Instrumentation Monitoring Pte Ltd for such service shall be either Main Contractor or the ACMV (Air condition installation) contractor

Which building / contractor needed this service?

This requirement covers all non-industrial buildings covers any permanent or temporary building or structure used for the purposes of

  •   Trade
  •   Business or Commerce
  •   Infrastructures
  •   Community Infrastructure
  •   Sport and Recreational Infrastructure
  •   Shopping Complex
  •   Financial Institution
  •   Office Tower
  •   Hotel
  •   Educational Institution
  •   Hospital
  •   Transport

but does not include any factory and residential premises. This exemption is stipulated by National Environmental Agency (NEA) in their guideline.

Note: Though National Environmental Agency (NEA) exempts residential buildings from submitting Noise assessment clarification report for the equipment installed in the building premises, sometimes they may instruct such measurement to be carried out based on case by case basis.

Procedure for noise measurement

The measurement shall be made by competent personnel (noise monitoring officer) either as per the general guideline stipulated by National Environmental Agency (NEA) or sometimes National Environmental Agency (NEA) shall advise the time of the day, day of the week (weekends or weekdays) to the contractor through the qualified person (architect).

General procedure is to measure the noise level emitted by equipment at various time of the day with equipment ON condition and equipment OFF condition (to identify the background noise level). The three timings for noise measurement that given by National Environmental Agency (NEA) are

  •   7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  •   7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  •   11:00 PM to 7:00 AM

The acceptable noise limits for such timings are given in the below table

Type of affected premises Boundary noise limit in decibels dB(A)
(reckoned as the equivalent continuous noise level over 15 minutes)
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
11:00 PM to 7:00 AM
Noise Sensitive Premises such as hospital, home for the aged sick, library, etc

60 55 50
Residential Premises 65 60 55

The above boundary noise limit set by National Environmental Agency (NEA) is subject to adjustment correction factor based on the difference between the measured noise levels with equipment ON condition and equipment OFF condition (Background noise measurement)

(i) Background noise correction factor

Difference between 2 noise levels in decibels dB(A) Correction factor in decibels dB(A)
Below 2 3
2 to less than 4 2
4 to less than 10 1
10 and above 0

Type of Noise Meter

As per National Environmental Agency (NEA) guideline the sound level meter used for this measurement shall complies with the standards specified in the International Electrotechnical Commission Publication 651 (Type 1) and Publication 804 (Type 1), or any other comparable standards.

Note: All class 1 sound level meter in the market of Singapore shall not comply with the above requirement. Please contact Asia Instrumentation Monitoring Pte Ltd to seek professional advice on such technical service.

We in Asia Instrumentation Monitoring Pte Ltd shall assist the client in the following

Option A

Purchase of class 1 sound level meter in compliance with the requirement stipulated by National Environmental Agency (NEA). Please contact us for further details

Option B

We render our professional service start from measuring the noise level of the air conditioning equipment or any other mechanical ventilation, preparing the noise assessment report in line with National Environmental Agency (NEA) guidelines and support the client. And if in case of National Environmental Agency (NEA) need further clarifications in the submitted report; we shall extend our service without any additional charges. Contact us for further details.